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A machine is as good as its performance if it is maintained and serviced from time to time. While all our machines are designing and built to perform flawlessly and tirelessly and tirelessly over three shifts, some machines could breakdown. Could be due to wear and tear or fatigue whatever be the cause, breakdown could be disastrous. It could throw all the equations out of the window and your arithmetic could go completely wrong. Not to talk about your production loss.

Our promise to monitor the health of the machine till the warranty period is always there. After that , while our service engineer will certainly be there the moment you call us; ability to bring the machine back to life will depend on so many factors. It could take more time than you could afford. Do you really need to walk into such situation?

  • Our Engineers will periodically inspect the machine, locate the problem areas if any and trouble shoot before any breakdown could occur.
  • Minimize downtimes to ensure higher productivity, better profit and on time deliveries
  • Avoid large scale or repetitive repairs
  • Reduce capital investment by avoiding stand-by machine provision
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Minimize spare parts inventory
  • Ensure better component quality, reduce rejection and less spoilage
  • Planning and scheduling maintenance activity
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Maintaining records and analysis
  • Training maintenance staff
  • Planning inventory of spare parts
  • Lubrication of slides
  • Headstock labyrinth holes
  • Belt tensioning
  • Oil-levels and pressure setting
  • Work holding inspection
  • Air conditioner
  • Hydraulic system
  • Electrical elements and connections
  • Heat sink and cooling fans of systems
  • Checking of Clamping force and ejection
  • Checking critical and geometrical alignments (where necessary)
  • Checking data system, current percentage, back lash, repeatability and accumulator functioning etc.
  • Checking condition of axes
  • Checking and replacement of protective elements
  • Technically Qualified engineers, provided round the clock service to customers.
  • Service calls are monitored and great care is taken to maintain minimum downtime.
  • Technical Service support centres for immediate service needs with parts support at most of the locations
  • Fully stocked service centre ensure immediate replacement of spares